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AI: A Friend or Foe?

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the integration of AI into various sectors has sparked both enthusiasm and apprehension. Recently, I conducted a training session on leveraging AI to enhance a company's social media presence. This session prompted an interesting question: "Isn't using AI to do the work for you cheating?"

To clarify, my training focuses on how AI can work with your information and ideas. We don't rely on AI for facts, as its accuracy isn't always guaranteed. Instead, we utilise AI to streamline and amplify the creative process.

A personal example illustrates this beautifully. My daughter, who is dyslexic, has an exceptional vocabulary and a wealth of brilliant ideas. However, she struggles to put these ideas on paper. By voice recording her stories, we use AI to transcribe and refine them into proper English, effectively translating her thoughts onto paper. This process alleviates her frustration and allows her creativity to shine. It made me ponder the potential of using AI in educational settings, particularly during exams, to help students organise and present their thoughts without searching for answers.

Exploring this further, I recently sat in a meeting with an MP and a third-sector client. The discussion was rich with insights and compelling stories. I recorded the conversation and used a transcription program to capture it. Then, I asked AI to generate mini-blogs from the transcript, categorised by discussion topics like 'Demand vs Resource'. The result was a series of accurate, succinct blogs, derived directly from the conversation, without any additional information.

The entire process—from transcription to creating six mini-blogs—took less than 30 minutes. Comparatively, if a copywriter had undertaken this task, the transcription alone could have taken around six hours, not to mention the additional time to write each blog. This method, using AI tools, cost me less than £30 for the month, a fraction of what it would cost to hire a copywriter.

So, is AI a friend or foe? When monitored and used correctly, AI can enhance productivity, assist in accurately reporting real-time scenarios, and help others convey their messages effectively. AI isn't about replacing human effort but augmenting it, making it easier to turn ideas into reality and ensuring that creative and intellectual efforts are efficiently harnessed.

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