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Unlock Your Business Potential: Power Hours Tailored to You

You started your business with a love for what you do, but mastering every aspect of running it? That's a different story. If you're puzzled about finance, marketing, or sales, you're not alone.  However, don't lose confidence in your ability - make a plan.

That's why I offer Power Hours. In a focused 60-minute session, I:

LISTEN: Your unique challenges are my focus.

ASK: I delve into the questions that get to the heart of what you need.
SEE: I identify the actionable steps that can elevate your business.

WRITE: You'll get a post-call summary full of actionable advice, customized for you.

No fluff, no obligation. Just solid, actionable advice you can use however you like - on your own or with additional specialised help.

So whether it is Social Media, Collaborations, Business Growth, Marketing, Sales, AI, IT or Ideas Generation - let's get that hour in the diary!

£100 per hour

We run a selection of courses all designed to help you go that step beyond in your business.  

We can do these as group workshops or 1-2-1

  • Social Media - strategy, content, how it works, LinkedIn, ChatGPT - you name it!

  • Marketing - strategies, introductions, collaborations, top tips

  • IT - automation, integration, online learning platforms, websites

We can tailor your chosen topic to suit you.

Contact us for more info or see scheduled events for public workshops.


From £150 for 1-2-1 to £500 for a day

Our packages can vary from the basic posting to ensure you have consistent to complete management including lives, engagement, and multiplatform approach.

We will work with you to ensure that you are on the right platforms and have the right content needed.  We do more than put out posts - we integrate your social media alongside your bigger marketing plan.

Every package starts with the creation of your personalised strategy.  This is a day with you so we can learn what matters to you and your company to ensure we can work as part of your team.

Management from £350 per month

Not only does this help us to relate to our customers - it is great for your SEO and also social content!   Sometimes you also just want to show your expertise and go into certain subjects a little deeper.

Our blog creation includes all research needed and a discovery call to understand your tone and personality.

Tell us your subject, chat through what you want to say, and let us create you a one off or regular blogs!

We can also quote for longer assignments such as government papers and consultation collations.


Blogs from £85

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