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Refresh, Reuse, Rejoice: The Power of Repurposed Social Media Content

The trickiest part of managing a business’s social media? Coming up with fresh ideas for content week after week But there’s no need to reinvent the wheel each time you post. When you’ve got a digital treasure trove of previous content to dig into, a strategic reframe or refresh can give old posts a new lease of life. 


More than simply copy and pasting across platforms, repurposing content could mean approaching existing topics from a new angle, changing up the format of a post or bringing older content up-to-date by combining it with a piece of trending audio.


Repurposing content helps you reach broader audiences and refine your brand voice, all while saving a whole lot of time and resources. So, let’s get started on some repurposing strategies that you can implement into your social media strategy right away. 


1. Identify High-Performing Content

Start off by identifying which of your previous posts really hit it off with your audience. Instead of simply looking at view statistics, investigate which posts got great engagement and started conversations. 

These are prime candidates for repurposing since you know they really resonated with your audience. This means the content was what they were looking for, and repurposing them will help you continue to refine your social media strategy and brand voice.

2. Switch Up the Format

Make successful content the gift that keeps on giving by repurposing it in a new format. Here are some savvy format changes that can unlock fresh potential in great content:

  • From Blog to Infographic: Summarise a lengthy blog post as an infographic that visually rounds up key data or statistics. These are perfect for posting on platforms like Pinterest or Instagram.

  • From Video to Blog: Transcribe a video and turn it into a blog post or long-form article.

  • From Podcast to Quote Cards: Take insightful quotes from a podcast episode and turn them into shareable graphics for platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

3. Segment Long-Form Content

Whilst long-form content still has its place, ever-declining attention spans and the rise of short-form content mean that segmenting can be a smart move. Simply extract the best bits of your long-form content and repurpose them as short, snackable posts.


When it comes to video clips, extract the best bits of a longer video to share as teasers or as easily shareable standalone Reels, Shorts or TikToks. Equally, if you have an insightful article or blog post, zoom in on interesting snippets or quotes that will generate conversation as standalone posts.

4. Combine Short-Form Content

If you’ve got a series of related Tweets, those 280-character snippets of wisdom can be combined to make a blog post or article. Equally, an archive of related tips, quotes, or behind-the-scenes shots can easily be bundled up and made into an Instagram carousel.

Another option? Compile short-form content into monthly and yearly ‘best-of’ or round-up videos. Not only does this re-use valuable content, but it helps you really build a story behind your business.

5. Repurpose User-Generated Content

User-generated content can be a social media gold-mine. With permission, you can use positive comments or reviews from one platform and share them on others as testimonials. Equally, follower responses to previous Q&A sessions or polls can become high-value content. Create a video or post answering those burning questions, or transform the results into a visually appealing infographic. It not only provides valuable content but also shows your audience that you're tuned in to their wants and needs.

6. Cross-Promote Across Platforms

Cross-promotion is a strategy that involves sharing similar content simultaneously on more than one social media platform. Whilst simply copying and pasting the exact same post across all social media platforms isn’t wise, strategically cross-posting certain content is a great way to share it as widely as possible.


For example, you can share an impactful LinkedIn article on Twitter or link an Instagram post on Facebook. This strategy not only boosts views and engagement but can also bump up your precious follower or subscriber count across all platforms.

Need help with your content strategy? Here at Clarity Consultants, we’re experts in leveraging digital media to help businesses make an impact and reach their fullest potential. Get in touch today to see how we can help your business grow!


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