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Giving my socials the kickstart they needed!

You’ve heard it time and time again: your social media channels are where you get the chance to truly connect with your potential customer base. And while it’s true, we know all too well that knowing where to start and how to get into a routine can be the biggest hurdle.

This is exactly why we created our Kickstart Your Social Workshop – to give business owners who want to manage their own social channels a strategy to work from that takes the fear away.

Past attendee Clare Sinclair shares her experience of the workshop in this blog – read on to find out all about it.

Giving my socials the kickstart they needed

I don’t know about you, but my social media presence has always been one of those things I just struggled with.

What graphics should I use?

Why does my Insta grid look so all over the place?

What do I even write about to keep my readers interested?

No matter what I did, I always managed to move “write this week’s social media posts” to the bottom of the list and it never got done.

(I even resorted to a generic social media captions service which worked ok for a bit but the content just didn’t sound like me… unsurprisingly!)

So it will come as NO surprise that as soon as I heard that One4Growth were holding a workshop that promised to kickstart my social media back into life, I jumped at the chance.

Before the event

As soon as I booked, the team kicked into action by sending me a questionnaire so they could get to work on all the prep work for me.

Canva graphics? They were on it.

Social media handles? They’d get me sorted.

Social media calendar and scheduler? It’d all be ready for me on the day.

I’d dabbled with countless schedulers and calendars in the past and hadn’t found one that worked for me, so just knowing that the experts were going to let me into the techniques that work for them made me so excited to get started.

And since I’m not a natural designer, the idea of getting Canva templates made up for me with my brand colours and imagery? That was worth the workshop price alone – and we hadn’t even started with the juicy stuff.

Needless to say, I was already counting my lucky stars!

On the day

Arriving armed with my laptop and a notebook, I was ready to breathe some life into my social media strategy. Heather and her team took us as a group through everything we needed to know to maintain an engaging social media presence without it becoming too time-consuming or challenging.

In our group, we had a broad mix of business types; everything from copywriting services to real estate. One4Growth’s method of building a strategy meant that we were easily able to plan ahead to suit our own target audience.

As a result, over the course of the morning we each found ourselves filling in the calendar with the topics of the posts we’d be writing for the next 5 weeks, with ideas spilling out way beyond that.

By the end of the session I knew:

  • What content I should be posting to help my audience get to know me and my business better.

  • When I should be posting that content.

  • How regularly my type of business should be posting to keep engagement levels high.

  • But most importantly, I felt excited again about my social media channels. The confusion and “where do I even start” thoughts had completely gone.

I had a plan to follow, and that made all the difference.

Since the workshop

With 150% more reach in the months since I attended the workshop, the numbers speak for themselves. My Insta grid looks cohesive and professional, and I’m no longer embarrassed to give out my social media handles.

And even better, I know exactly what’s next on my posting schedule. It no longer takes me hours just to figure out where to start – there’s a strategy and I just keep following it.

The team at One4Growth works with so many brands to give them a strong social media presence and this workshop is a great chance to tap into that knowledge for yourself.

And with the 121 option now available, there’s never been a better chance to develop your social media strategy with the experts.

If you’ve fallen out of love with your social media presence, I heartily recommend giving it a Kickstart with One4Growth.

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