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Power Hour: Clarity - Focus - Growth

Power Hour: Clarity - Focus - Growth

We all start our businesses with the confidence we can do what we do amazingly!  However, we are not all experts in every other role needed to be a business owner - and that is ok!  Sometimes we just need someone else to look at our businesses and provide some clarity to allow us to focus on what will make us grow. That is what we offer.


In these power hours, we listen start by learning all about you and your business then onto where you want the business to go.  We will then focus in on what you are struggling with.  We will ask you a lot of questions - because getting to know you is important to know your business and ethics.


We will give as much advice as we can fit in within the hour - however, our main aim is to get as much from you as possible - to allow us to go away and send you a document after the meeting full of ideas and suggestions.


To book your hour - just buy a voucher online and I will contact you to find a suitable date (I can be very flexible around days and evenings - we work flexible hours)

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